Proxox Virtual Environment
Mobile Device Management
cloud high availability

Cloud Solutions

It's where business and data's going; Reducing physical hardware by moving your data into the cloud and increasing your return on investment. Whether you want to utilize an existing cloud solution such as hosted connect, build your own offsite or on-premise cloud, we can help.

Managed Services

We believe that technical solutions should be neither too complex or hard to maintain. We strive to build and deploy solutions which can be setup quickly, efficiently and maintained with as little interaction as necessary from end users as possible.


We build high availability, scalable virtualization solutions that ensure optimal uptime for the least amount of money per watt and cpu. Whether its a simple 1 server solution or clustered file servers, we can help you architect and deploy your virtual environment.

Directory Integration and Deployment

We help companies integrate Windows and Macs into existing Active Directory environments, or build completely new heterogeneous environments in which any type of Operating System can be authenticated on or off the network. Open Directory, Active Directory or Mobile Device Management. We do it!

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